GoPro Karma Drone Review

Is the GoPro Karma Drone Crap

Well iPhonedo thinks so in his latest YouTube post. He has made a very detailed video testing many of its features and comparing them to the Dji Mavic Pro which is a very impressive drone.

If GoPro launched the Karma drone earlier in the year it probably would have seemed more impressive but only a week after its announcement Dji announced the Mavic which on paper as i have not flown both seems to blow it out of the water.

iPhonedo does not hold back in this article and lets you know right out of the box what he thinks and its not good, i think more attention should have been taken by GoPro before letting the Karma out in the wild.

Some of the main issues iPhonedo list are Noise, horizon tilt, , Drift all over the place, lack of stability, weight, and poor battery life.

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